Italian Destination Wedding Photographer in Sardinia

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Italian Destination Wedding Photographer in Sardinia, but prefer to say that I am a Documentary Wedding Photographer. I started dedicating myself to Wedding Photography in 2014. From that day I realized that this is the photographic world that fascinates me most. I am an extremely sensitive and introverted person, perhaps also for this reason I prefer to shoot on the sidelines, catching the emotional moments of joy and fun with discretion. I love to see the connections and the bond of my couples, not only between them, and their families joining together in this joyful day.
What I love most of this wonderful day is to look even at little details: gestures, expressions of joy or surprise, hugs, smiles and so on. For me these are the most important moments for me to relive over time.


For me it is really very important to keep the photojournalistic approach during your wedding day. Standing aside will allow me to capture the most natural and spontaneous emotions. I look for, through photography, the connections between people: gestures, looks, expressions, reactions, moments of fun and madness.


They say about me

Destination Wedding Photographer in Sardinia - Thiago & Ariane from Brazil to Italy to tie the knot

If you’re in need of photos with a personal touch, then I’m the girl for you.aIt's almost impossible to describe Matteo's services. He and his team are absolutely fantastic! There isn't enough words to describe the attention, care, kindness, professionalism, passion and love that you find in his work. Since the moment that we found him on Instagram he was very carefull and responsefull to all of our needs and questions, always avaiable to discuss any detail of our ceremony by e-mail, WhatsApp and phone. The whole process since the very first contact until the final delivery of our photos was just perfect. On the day of the ceremony he and him superb team (Daniele and Antonella) were so amazing that we still don't believe how it was perfect! We spent so many hours together that they're basically family for us. We traveled from Brazil to Sardinia to have our own ceremony and the security and confort provided by them were fundamental to make everything easier and smoother. We already decided that we will meet Matteo and his team again in some point of our lives.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Sardinia - Kateryna & Daniele from Dubai to Italy to crown their dream

It's very important not only to have a good photographer for your wedding day, but the person who can find a right connection with you and catch your mood, making you feel comfortable. I can say that Matteo is one of those professionals! He managed to catch all the intimate moments of our special day, all the emotions and spontaneous laughs. We absolutely love the style of his pictures! They're original, vivid and natural. You will not even notice that he's around, sharing joy with your family and friends, but Matteo will capture the best of it. It was also important for us to have someone who speaks English , as I'm not Italian. And I can say you won't have any problems in communication with Matteo even if you're a foreign couple. Thank you so much! We'd love to marry one more time just to enjoy your amazing photos again, Matteo :D

Destination Wedding Photographer in Sardinia - Nick & Danielle from Australia to Italy to get married

I give Matteo and his team a big 5 stars! His professionalism and kindness from our first point of contact up until the last photos taken on the wedding night was so incredible. His photos are so beautiful and creative. I am so thankful to have chosen you for our wedding photographer.