Frequently asked questions

...and answers

• What is your photographic style?

My style is undoubtedly reportage. I prefer to capture your emotions without any pretense. I love to tell the emotions of your story in total naturalness in order to have all the small moments of your wedding in the most spontaneous way!

• Will we also take some Formals?

The formals photos, for example with parents, bridal party or best man will be done if requested by you. They are photos that can be very important to you and even if they don't reflect my photographic style I will be happy to satisfy your request!

• Will there also be some posed photo? (couple session soot)

Also in this case the couple session photographs will be executed only if expressly requested by you. I will make you feel at ease in every way and I will try to make you always interact with each other to get, despite the pose, the expressions of happiness and naturalness. The couple session shoot service will last a maximum of 20 minutes so as not to take away precious time and allow you to enjoy the day.

• How many photos do you deliver?

I will give you an accurate selection of the photographs that will be taken during the day. The photos will be delivered within 60 working days from the wedding date and all will be digital processed with professional post-production photo programs. (Photoshop will not be used.)

• Do you work only in Sardinia?

No, I do work in Italy, Europe and all over the world. Of course, all travel expenses such as: gasoline, air tickets, ship tickets and accommodation will be your responsibility. A wedding outside my region would involve, in addition to travel expenses, also an extra service outside my work area.

• Which albums do you use and how do you go about printing?

I offer my clients two types of albums: the traditional album and the photo book. I can offer you the best Italian companies.
The photos will be chosen by you spouses and together we will agree on the layout of the album. I can of course give you advice to get a clean and elegant layout. Only after I have obtained your confirmation on the paging we proceed with the printing of your album.

• What are the payment methods?

The cost of the service is divided into several parts. I usually divide into: Confirmatory deposit, six months before the wedding, 7 days before the wedding (or wedding day) and final delivery of the work.

• What photographic equipment do you use?

I use the latest camera bodies of the "Nikon" house. The optics I use are from the “Sigma” line "art": the focal lengths cover from wide angle to telephoto. I will always carry with me at least two external flashes and light modifiers. Flashes will only be used in situations where there is a lack of light. I prefer to use natural light as long as possible.