26 September 2019 /

Capturing Love Unspoken: A Documentary wedding journey in Cagliari, Sardinia


Civil Ceremony Elegance: Elisabetta and Roshan’s Unscripted Love Story

In the heart of Cagliari, Sardinia, amidst the historic charm, Elisabetta and Roshan embarked on a journey of love, with their civil ceremony unfolding in the intimate wedding room of Cagliari Town Hall. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, my lens focused on capturing the unscripted beauty of their day, preserving the essence of each heartfelt moment.

From Town Hall to traditional villa: Antica Casa Olla

The exchange of vows was a poignant affair, the quiet elegance of the ceremony room providing a fitting backdrop for this intimate union. Following the civil ceremony, Elisabetta and Roshan led their guests to the enchanting Antica Casa Olla, an ancient Sardinian villa steeped in history. Here, against the rustic charm of the villa, the celebration continued with joyous festivities.

Documenting the Unseen: A Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility

My approach to wedding photography is distinctive—documentary or “reportage” style. I take pride in capturing genuine moments without intrusion. Many couples find it amusing when I mention that, for me to work in this way, I need to operate in total silence. They laugh, but after the wedding, they are amazed to discover that I literally didn’t speak a word to anyone throughout the day. Some even playfully refer to my working style as having a “Harry Potter cloak of invisibility.”

Embracing Silence, Unveiling Beauty

Elisabetta and Roshan’s wedding serves as a testament to the power of silence in photography. The images within this post reflect the profound connection between the couple, the unspoken vows exchanged, and the genuine joy shared with their loved ones. It’s a celebration captured in its purest, most authentic form.

Calling All Romantics: Explore More

To couples seeking a wedding photographer who values authenticity, I invite you to explore more of my work. Visit my website, delve into my portfolio, and if the magic resonates, fill out the contact form. Connect with me on Instagram to witness the ongoing visual tales I tell. More than just images, it’s about capturing the soul of your special day.

Why Choose a Documentary Photographer?

As an internationally recognized wedding photographer, I’m proud to be one of the few who truly specializes in the documentary way. My clients appreciate the unique perspective I bring, preserving the meaningful moments of their day in a natural and unobtrusive manner.

Relive the Unseen: Scroll Through the Moments

Take a scroll through the images within this post, and relive the unseen moments of Elisabetta and Roshan’s civil ceremony and celebration in Sardinia. Each frame tells a story of love, laughter, and the timeless beauty of unscripted moments.

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