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Fearless Photographers - Photographer of the year... again! | Matteo Carta Destination wedding photographer


Fearless photographers | Wedding Photographer of the year 2023, once again!

Photographer of the year 2023 in Fearless Photographers

Fearless Photographers of the year 2022 and… 2023!! 😮🇮🇹🥳
For the second time, speechless…All the colleagues who participate know how challenging it is to win awards in Fearless, let alone being the photographer of the year for two consecutive years 🥹

What is Fearless?
Is an international wedding association that showcase the very best images from the best photographers from all over the world.

In addition to the individual contests where over 10,000 images are evaluated by many different judges, this year there was the final competition in which the first and second winners were evaluated by Fearless members for the election of the photographer of the year.A score was assigned to 25 images taken in 2023.
It went well! It’s so beautiful and surreal for me!!! Thanks to all the colleagues who were judges, to those who voted for me and those who didn’t because I am aware that there are many things to improve, and I will never stop growing and giving my best!

There is a long way to go! But I am happy to have taken a path (perhaps quite uphill) that reflects me and makes me feel more in love with my job every day. I simply want to convey the emotions I see and receive through photography, show and make people remember moments that would be lost in time without the shot, be present but always on the wedding sidelines like an external observer who wants to silently and spontaneously capture the infinite moments of such an important event, allowing the newlyweds to keep the memory of their big day alive.

Thanks to everyone, to my couples for their trust on my wedding photography, to my family that has been always by my side. Since the very beginning of my professional path they directly or indirectly supported me. To my wife, the sweetest and smartest person and to my kids, a real force of the nature of energy and joy.

This is an important recognition for me, and I am infinitely grateful!Thanks to colleagues, the entire Fearless association!

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