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Fearless Photographers - PoY 2022 - Italy , Matteo Carta | Best wedding photography


Fearless photographers – Photographer of the year 2022 – Best wedding photography

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Winning Fearless Photographers is an huge honor. Being considered the best of 2022 has been a true honor that I will hardly forget!

Fearless of the year!
What is it ? Is an international wedding association that showcase the very best images from the best photographers from all over the world.
Winning a Fearless award is hard so you can imagine how much I can be proud of having won it in 2022 with 13 awards.
I’m so honored of having won the most difficult association in the world where the best wedding photographers are.

That’s the reason I found incredible to have won the most difficult international association for wedding photographers in the world. Being at first place it goes further than the title, is what Fearless Photographers means for me.

I joined into it at the end of 2018.
Since when I knew this association thanks to a fantastic class here in Italy; mindset and sprit carried by the group blowned my head! Growth and share not envy or jealousy. It happened in a a moment where I felt blocked by a mechanism that didn’t satisfy me anymore.

After that in 2020 and 2021 I had the joy of being into the top 10 of Fearless Photographers.

I love ALL photography styles but I wanted to go further what my point of view is: documentary photography. Capturing in silence all the wedding moments that flows in front of my eyes is beautiful, emotions change depending of moment I’m living and for me it’s exciting and fun trying to capturing in the best way is possible during the big day.

There ware so many fears of failure and I have to thanks Fearless for gave me the courage on stepping out my comfort zone and focusing on my point of view.
Here I met many persons that I have to thanks a lot! Travel fellas let’s just say, friends, colleagues. I care to say thanks to all of you that have been present in these days with messages or calls, thanks for have been my supporters! Means a lot to me.

Fearless is more than an association is a huge family! Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you .
All of this couldn’t happen without my family for everything they do and sacrifice every year.

Thanks to all clients for having choose me and had me in such an important day of their lifes. Nothing can be possibile without you. This is not an arrival point but a starting point, still have to grow a lot and have fun!

Nothing staged, I love real moments

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