21 September 2020 /

Unveiling Love by the Sea: Alessandra and Luca's Beach Wedding at Frontemare, Sardinia


Frontemare: Where beach wedding and love Meets the Sea Breeze

Sardinia, with its enchanting beaches and breathtaking views, became the canvas for Alessandra and Luca’s love story, as they exchanged vows in a mesmerizing beach wedding at Frontemare. Nestled at Poetto beach in Cagliari, Frontemare is not just a venue; it’s an experience that offers exquisite cuisine, a magic view of Poetto beach, and the iconic silhouette of “Sella del diavolo.”

A Culinary and Visual Feast: Frontemare’s Exclusive Charm

Frontemare is more than a venue; it’s an exclusive restaurant known for its fine quality of food and seafood. Many couples, like Alessandra and Luca, are drawn to Frontemare for its unparalleled ambiance and culinary delights. The restaurant’s magic view to Poetto beach and the iconic “Sella del diavolo” of Cagliari adds an extra layer of charm, making it the perfect backdrop for a love-filled celebration.

Documenting Love: A Wedding Photographer’s Perspective

As a wedding photographer specializing in the documentary style, my lens captured not just the picturesque setting of Frontemare but also the genuine moments that unfolded during Alessandra and Luca’s beach wedding. My approach is rooted in total silence, allowing me to be an unobtrusive observer of the day’s narrative.

A Unique Culmination: Beauty in Real Moments

Inside this post, you’ll witness the beauty of Frontemare venue, the love shared between Alessandra and Luca, and the joy that permeated every moment of their celebration. The images tell a story of authenticity, where love meets the sea breeze, and genuine moments take center stage.

Why Choose Documentary Photography?

For couples seeking a wedding photographer, the allure of documentary photography lies in its ability to capture the truth of the moment. Alessandra and Luca’s wedding is a testament to the power of this approach—freeing moments from the constraints of posing and allowing the natural beauty of love to shine.

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Silent Magic: A Photographer of the Year

Choosing my services means choosing a photographer who works in total silence, capturing the meaningful moments of your day in a natural and unobtrusive way. I am honored to have won the title of Photographer of the Year, Fearless Photographers, from one of the most prestigious wedding photography associations, a testament to my commitment to excellence in documentary style.

MUA & Hair stylist : Moro Immagine
Floreal designer : Flo Wedding Flower Designer

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