26 February 2021 /

Behind the shots: documentary wedding photography process explained


Behind the shots: documentary wedding photography process explained – 1

Behind the shots: documentary wedding photography process explained

This images has been featured on Best Fearless photographers awards of 2023.

A few days before Claudia and Paolo’s wedding, her grandfather had a heart attack and was hospitalized.
The bride is very close to him and chose to visit him right after the wedding ceremony.
I saw the joy and surprise on the grandfather’s face as soon as he saw her because he was unaware of this visit, but I also saw his expression change when she left.

Is hard when you face delicate moments like these because you have to decide when it’s the moment to stay close or leave the space and find a balance in between what’s happening.

I had an instinct that told me “tell his story” ; what he’s feeling right now? how can I frame this emotion?
I turned the angle and get close the door to include bride leaving on left part of image and grandad on right part.
Color enhanced the feeling of this image.

It’s a very powerful moment. I am very fond of this image. I have always thought that photography is a great tool for capturing moments that would otherwise be lost without the photographer.

So behind the shot – Down below a series that shows what happened

Conclusion: As a documentary wedding photographer, I invite you to immerse yourself in the spontaneous momentsContact me, and let’s transform your dream of a Sardinian destination wedding into a reality, where love meets the picturesque charm of this timeless island. You can find me even on instagram or facebook

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