19 October 2020 /

Dreamy Elegance: A Zurich Wedding Tale with Beata and Boris


Wedding in Zurich

Discover the Beauty: Beata and Boris’s Wedding in Zurich

Embarking on the enchanting journey of a Zurich wedding is like stepping into a fairy tale, and Beata and Boris’s celebration adds a unique chapter to this captivating story. As a wedding photographer with a passion for the documentary style, I had the privilege of capturing the elegance, charm, and love of this Swiss couple in the heart of Zurich.

An Elegant Prelude: Getting Ready in Zurich’s Lakeside Abode

Beata and Boris chose to prepare for their big day in a charming house that embraced the elegance of Zurich. The house, nestled by the shores of Zurich Lake, provided a breathtaking view that set the tone for the entire celebration. Getting ready at the same location added a layer of intimacy to their journey, showcasing the beginning of their union in a place that exuded sophistication.

Ancient Charms: The Ceremony at Männedorf Town Hall

The couple exchanged vows in the ancient town hall of Männedorf, a town near Zurich that echoes with history and charm. The ceremony was not just a union of hearts but a fusion of tradition and emotion. Every moment captured spoke of the deep connection between Beata and Boris, the essence of their love resonating through the historical halls.

A Tale of Transitions: From Männedorf to Herrliberg’s Seehaus

Following the emotional ceremony, the celebration continued at Seehaus in Herrliberg, a venue that mirrored the grace of Zurich. Surrounded by the love of their guests, Beata and Boris immersed themselves in the joyous atmosphere, celebrating their love amidst elegance and warmth. The transition from the ancient town hall to the picturesque Seehaus showcased the diversity of Zurich’s wedding experiences.

A Night of Magic: From Dinner to a Lakeside Party

The festivities didn’t end with dinner. Beata and Boris, along with their guests, continued the celebration at their lake house. A boat ride on Zurich Lake added a touch of magic to the night, creating memories against the backdrop of the city lights. The party extended into the early hours, a testament to the enduring love that Beata and Boris share.

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Scroll through the images within this post to witness the beauty of Zurich, the lakeside abode, the boat ride, and the elegance of Beata’s dress. Each photograph tells a story of a Zurich wedding, a celebration where love meets elegance in the heart of Switzerland.

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