25 November 2018 /

Why Reportage?


Why wedding reportage gives you the best moments of your wedding day

There are many reasons that made me fall in love with the documentary approach in wedding photography.
Wedding reportage: a term abused in theese days by many and consequently misinterpreted by future spouses. I think it’s very important to talk to the customer to show my point of view.
The documentary approach is essential for me. It doesn’t matter in which room the preparations will be, how the cake will be placed, when you will enter the venue etc. Thoose are information that can be useful but I will never intervene during the course of the marriage or staging moments with my couples.
I’ll be on the sidelines, so any choice even the smallest will be at the discretion of the couple. There is a reason for this, perhaps is extreme for some but absolutely necessary for me.
The first thing that matters is the moment and I want to capture it without intervening in any way. I love to capture moments about expresssions, hugs and all the emotions in all its shades.
It has happened in recently that some future spouses have asked for some ritual photos with parents, bestfriends or bridesmaids and there’s no problem in satisfying this request! But in the same way I want to show the infinite difference I feel in looking at this two diffent photographic approach.
The first photo in this little gallery is the one that represents me and made me fall in love with wedding reportage photography. Is a moment of profound connection: intimate, sweet, strong and joyful at the same time. A memory that is truly a precious treasure. In posed photo I feel that the connection between people is interrupted, I feel exactly a disturbing element compared to the beauty of the spontaneous moment.
We all have different ways of expressing emotions, gestures and ways of doing, but that’s not all. I am not only attracted to these moments but also to the infinite micro-stories that characterize the story of a marriage.
I love to watch and capture everything around me: the pranks of children, the surprises of friends, the madness in dances, etc. I don’t think that in photography there is a better style than the other! I feel that is just a different photographic vision.
I therefore find it essential to show what I love being careful also to the words we use.
It will be easy? Absolutely not.
But here comes the part which I love most: to be chosen for what I can convey, rediscovering mine particular photographic point of view in the customers’ taste.
In conclusion:
Tell your emotion and your real moments through photograph to give you the chance to feel it again after years is what I love most from my work.

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Italian wedding photographer in Sardinia
Italian wedding photographer in Sardinia
Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy
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Destination Wedding Photographer in Sardinia, Italy
Moments of sweetness between Groom and his granfather

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