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Capturing Love by the incredible Azure Waters: Eleonora & Gianmarco's Costa Smeralda Wedding


Eleonora and Gianmarco’s Wedding in Costa Smeralda | Matteo Carta photographer in Sardinia, Italy

Eleonora and Gianmarco’s wedding in Costa Smeralda | Matteo Carta destination wedding photographer in Sardinia, Italy

Introduction: In the heart of the mesmerizing Costa Smeralda, amidst the crystalline waters and stunning landscapes of Sardinia, Eleonora and Gianmarco embarked on their journey of love. As their chosen wedding photographer, I had the immense privilege of documenting their special day in the enchanting town of Porto Rafael. Join me as we delve into the spontaneous, candid moments that unfolded against the backdrop of the azure sea, capturing the essence of love and the untamed beauty of Costa Smeralda.

A Villa Overlooking Paradise: Eleonora’s journey to becoming a bride commenced in a private villa with an outstanding sea view, a true gem of Costa Smeralda in Porto Rafael. The brilliance of Xl Events & Xl Floral Planning transformed the villa into a venue that mirrored the couple’s vision. The setting promised an intimate and breathtaking atmosphere, showcasing the untamed beauty that defines Costa Smeralda.

Wedding in Costa Smeralda
View from Porto Rafael private villa

A Love Story Unveiled in Porto Rafael: The ceremony unfolded in the charming Porto Rafael square, where Eleonora and Gianmarco exchanged vows in a deeply religious ritual. As Eleonora made her entrance with her father, Gianmarco’s emotions were laid bare. Despite his attempt to conceal the overwhelming feelings, it was evident how deeply he was moved by the sight of the woman he had chosen to spend his life with. Their bond, evident during our pre-wedding meeting, translated into a spark in their eyes that illuminated the entire celebration.

A Bond Celebrated with Joy: Eleonora and Gianmarco had envisioned their wedding as a grand celebration, a colossal party with family and friends. And indeed, it became just that! Following the ceremony, the magic continued as the couple returned to the place where Eleonora had prepared for her big day. The air was filled with love, joy, and an electric energy that illuminated the wildness of Costa Smeralda.

Spontaneity in Every Frame: As a documentary wedding photographer, my lens captured the raw reality of Eleonora and Gianmarco’s love. The spontaneous moments, the unfiltered joy, and the genuine emotions that unfolded are reflected in every image. The Sardinian sea, known globally for its crystalline waters and pure beauty, provided the perfect backdrop for a love story that needed no posing or staging.

Calling All Costa Smeralda Dreamers: For couples envisioning a wedding by the untamed beauty of Costa Smeralda, seeking a photographer who embraces spontaneity and captures the wildness of the surroundings, explore more of my portfolio. Connect with me through the contact form, explore past blog posts on my website, or follow me on Instagram to witness the magic of real love stories.

Conclusion: Eleonora and Gianmarco’s big day was a celebration of love, spontaneity, and the wild beauty that defines this Sardinian paradise.
I invite you to immerse yourself in the genuine moments that unfolded against the backdrop of a private luxurious villa overlooking the azure sea. Contact me, and let’s make your dream a reality, where love meets the untamed beauty of Sardinia.

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