27 January 2022 /

Wedding photographer in Costa Smeralda |Porto Rafael, Sardinia| Matteo Carta |


Eleonora & Gianmarco | Wedding photographer in Costa Smeralda | Porto Rafael, Sardinia

Eleonora & Gianmarco hired me for being their wedding photographer in Costa Smeralda in the wonderful town of Porto Rafael here in Sardinia, Italy. They and it was a huge honor being there for them!

The getting ready of Eleonora begin in a beautiful villa with outstanding sea sight of Costa Smeralda in Porto Rafael. This villa will completely be transformed by the brilliant mind of Xl Events & Xl Floral planning and project for their venue. But you’ll see after.

Ceremony took place in Porto Rafael square with a religious ritual.
When Gianmarco saw Eleonora arrival with her father he was overwhelmed by the emotions, and even if he tried to control his emotions it was clear to me how much he was hit by the view of the woman he wants to be all his life.

When I met Eleonora and Gianmarco few days before the wedding it was clear to me how much strong and real was their bond. The sparkle in their eyes when they look into each other is really incredible.
They told me how much the wedding will be a huge party within their families and friends. And it was!

After the ceremony they get back where Eleonora getting ready took place and the magic happens!

Enjoy 🙂

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