I am an Italian wedding photographer based in Sardinia

It is really important for me as a photographer to show my own way on how I like to photographs such a big day for the bride and groom. In this gallery some of my recent works that represent my vision of marriage reportage.
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Fearless Photographers – Photographer of the year… again! | Matteo Carta Destination wedding photographer

20 February 2024 / Weddings

Fearless photographers | Wedding Photographer of the year 2023, once again! Photographer of the year 2023 in Fearless Photographers Fearless Photographers of the year 2022 and… 2023!! For the ...


Photojournalism in weddings?

10 January 2024 / Weddings

Photojournalism ethics in wedding photography? My personal thoughts about it. In these days I have had the time to dwell on a topic very dear to me. The application of photojournalism ethics in we...

Orosei Marina Beach Wedding

Capturing Love and Joy: A Spectacular Orosei Marina Beach Wedding | Jamie and Chiara

9 January 2024 / Weddings

Jamie and Chiara's Orosei Marina Beach Wedding Orosei Marina Beach Wedding As the sun cast its golden glow over the picturesque landscapes of Orosei, Sardinia, love was in the air for Jamie and...

Due Lune Puntaldia wedding of Emilia and Guido

Capturing Elegance and Emotion: Wedding in Sardinia at Due Lune Puntaldia | Emilia & Guido

8 January 2024 / Weddings

Due Lune Puntaldia wedding in Sardinia Emilia and Guido's wedding in Due Luna Puntaldia As a wedding photographer, each assignment brings its own story, its own magic. However, there are some w...

destination wedding photographer in sardinia

Crowning Dreams in Sardinia: Veronica and Mark’s Destination Wedding Tale | Wedding photographer in Sardinia | Veronica and Mark | Matteo Carta

7 February 2023 / Weddings

Veronica & Mark joyful moment after their Destination wedding in Sardinia ceremony moment Veronica & Mark wedding in Sardinia at Flamingo Hotel, Pula | Destination Wedding photographer...


Indian wedding style in Italy | Valentina and Cristian wedding inspired by Indian wedding dresses in Sardinia, Italy

7 February 2023 / Weddings

Valentina and Cristian are a fabulous couple. Their day was filled with big smiles and strong emotions.The feeling between them is really solid and emotional. Indian wedding in Italy are always be...

Jewish wedding in Italy | Isola del Garda wedding

Charming Isola del Garda: Natalie and Doug’s Jewish Wedding in Italy at the Enchanting Isola del Garda. | Matteo Carta wedding photographer in Italy

6 February 2023 / Weddings

Natalie and Doug's Jewish Wedding in Italy at the Enchanting Isola del Garda wedding in Italy at Lake Garda | Matteo Carta wedding photographer in Italy Introduction: Embarking on the journey of N...

Fearless photographer of the year - 2022

Fearless Photographers – PoY 2022 – Italy , Matteo Carta | Best wedding photography

5 February 2023 / Weddings

Fearless photographers - Photographer of the year 2022 - Best wedding photography Winning Fearless Photographers is an huge honor. Being considered the best of 2022 has been a true honor ...